Thursday, September 8, 2016

All Aboard!


  It's Throwback Thursday, and on this day in 2012, I was jamming in Charlotte, NC on the very first rail tour!

  I'm absolutely thrilled to be hopping on a train tomorrow to NYC to kick off the next one!  Proud to present...THE DANCE PARTY!  The idea:  Make a music video with the world to counter all of this fear and political nonsense.  I hope you can join in.  As always, it's interactive, it's worldwide, and it's gonna rock!

Here's the deets:

See you out there!

All Aboard!

- Josh

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

5th Anniversary Tour!

For  Immediate Release
Join the Dance Party!
Despair, USA -  It’s a funny time for a message of unity.  A peculiar time to talk about song and dance when it feels like the sky is falling.  But that could also make it exactly right. Maybe with a little laughter, we summon courage to take our power back.  Maybe by playing the blues, we lose the blues.  

 Meet musician Josh Urban.  He plays a home-built broom guitar and DJs on the street.  Spoofing the red-hot political season, the seemingly-endless stream of bad news, and sharp polarization between communities, he urges you to join the dance party.  Traveling by train along the east coast, he’ll be bringing a mix of rock and dance music to the street corner, subway, hospital waiting room, and traditional venue while engaging a worldwide audience through livestreaming and social media.  The idea:  make a music video with the world dancing away our fears and division.  

 Running September 9th through the 25th, The Dance Party tour is an interactive experience designed to bring some levity into the world, because sometimes the serious problems need a lighter contrast to remind us of our humanity.  

Get in the video!  

Ready to make a music video? Record yourself dancing (preferably to the official tour song), and tag it to #JURT on social media.  To really fit the theme, people are writing a fear on a piece of paper (be it terrorism or a mean dog), dancing with it, then crumpling the paper and throwing it out of view with triumphant gusto.  Send your video to and it’ll be mixed into the official tour video at the conclusion. (By the way, Josh is a terrible dancer, so don’t feel pressure!) Let’s make a stand - let’s dance!  

Tour Dates

9/9 and 9/10 New York, New York
9/11 Philadelphia, PA
9/16 Charlottesville, VA
9/17 Charlotte, NC
9/18 Richmond, VA
9/23 Baltimore, MD
9/24 Alexandria, VA
9/25 Washington, DC

 Josh Urban 240-682-2801 Twitter: @DontJoshMe Instagram: @JoshUrban


Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 kicks off!

Happy #Music Monday, comrades! I'm terribly excited to announce...The 2015 Josh Urban Rail Tour is official! It'll kick off on Friday, September 4th. I'll be posting more details soon, but suffice to say, it's (of course) interactive, inclusive, and with a cool social experiment aspect. Hopefully when it's all over, the world will be a better place in at least a small way! Let me know if you'd like to be part of it, be you a musician, media outlet, sponsor, friend, or fellow railfan. (Drop me an email at and we'll chat!)

  All abooooard!

 - Josh

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I hear that train a-comin'!


  Holy smokes!  I can't believe it's less than a week till we all start this crazy Planetary Jam!

Got a few items of news that applies to you!

First off, the song is out!  Yep, kinda doing a quiet release before the tour.  I'll start yelling soon, but wanted to give you a preview of the track.  This one has my lead guitar on it - the one that we're all going to collaborate on will sound different, because everyone is invited to send in sounds!  So, here's the mix with my guitar:

And without lead guitar (guitar players, this is great for figuring out what you'll send in.)

Hey comrades, want a chart for how the rhythm guitar works?  Here's the tune!

Of course, ALL musicians are invited to send in sounds, not just guitar players!

Special forces!

I've been having fun with the new cameras.  (Special thanks to tour sponsor Positive Impact Magazine for sending me one!  I'll be using it as a broom guitar cam!)  Here's a crazy video for you comrades...who wants to be part of the SPECIAL FORCES for the video?

OK, gotta run and do some more tour choreograph an amazingly silly dance for the official video!  Oh yes, Zumba has ruined me!

Tour Dates (at least a few of them)  

NYC - 8/1, 8/2.  Busking in midtown Manhattan.  Staying at the Herald Square Hotel.  THANK YOU FOR THE SPONSORSHIP!  I'll be tweeting locations @dontJoshMe

Philly  8/3.  Rittenhouse Square in the morning, Suburban SEPTA station from 12-3 pm, Love Park 3:30-6:30 pm

Online at Google + Hangouts Monday-Thursday, times TBA

Charlottesville 8/8  private show at the UVA medical center, then busking on the downtown mall from 5:30-7:30.

Charlotte 8/9  busking at the corner of Trade and Tryon, and nearby, all day.  Tweeting locations @dontJoshMe

Richmond  8/10  in front of Main Street Amtrak Station, 3:30-5:30

Online at Google + Hangouts Monday-Thursday, times TBA

Alexandria, Waldorf, Baltimore, DC...working on that, but the jams will be epic, and announced shortly!

Rock on, comrades, and see you on tour soon!

- Josh

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hello, Rockers!

  I hope everyone is getting as excited as I am about the upcoming tour.  One of the things I love about these projects is how interactive they are.  It's not only me on tour, but everyone!  I was mowing the back yard just now.  It was dusk, and the lightning bugs twinkled in the June night.  I'm sure I did a terrible job as far as landscaping goes, but it sure was pleasant.  After a day of sending press releases and recording tracks for the song, I thought about the project as the mower threw out sheets of dewy grass into the gathering darkness.

  There is something so punk rock about playing street music.  I went busking, as it's called, this past Friday evening.  I was joined by two young guitar comrades, and we jammed and hollered and entertained the people passing by as their mom and grandma watched and clapped along.  To be right in the street, and right in the middle of humanity, face to face and singing along...there's a magic in that.

  I look forward to harnessing some of this magic, and inviting people to join me to do the same as the tour rolls from city to city and propagates over the internet.

  It seems to me as this magic, and this spirit, is exactly what's called for in taking steps towards where most of us want to go, towards a more peaceful and happy world.  The division around us seems to grow daily. In addition to the war and violence, there's plain ol' hostility and intolerance towards our fellow citizens, even in the most innocuous ways.  Simplified answers to complex problems appear superimposed on photos as they show up on Facebook, and the news that trends is, at best, that of one person telling another off.

  The street is, in many ways, a perfect metaphor of the World.  As I stand there in the grit and the grime, the sea of humanity swirls around me.  Everyone is hurrying to where they have to go, not realizing that their neighbor, while different, has the same fears and hopes hanging over them like so many clouds and rays of sunshine, like an afternoon in the Appalachian mountains as the light plays over the landscape.

  So, the street seems an ideal place to stand firmly in the "rock stance", like Jack Black taught in School of Rock, and begin to play, gradually getting louder in a song that unites, singing "Hey brotha, commence the jam!"

  I'm looking forward to jamming with everyone, in cities and towns along the east coast, and worldwide on the Internet.  Let's get face to face with each other, and say "HI!  You're cool."  Let's start building those bridges right here, right now, in the middle of the street, on the subway platform, in line at the grocery store...

Let's start this jam!

Now, off to do more press releases...

- Josh  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A video!

Comrades!  It's 42 days till the first train departs, and MAN I'm getting excited!

Here's the official tour video!

And have you seen the site that built for the project?

Plus, just added another week to the trip.  I'll be playing extended shows in Alexandria, DC, and Baltimore during the third weekend of August, as well as doing a bunch of online stuff during that week!  WOOO!

Big thanks to the sponsors who have signed on so far.  These comrades rock!  Thanks to Island Music Company, JTV Digital, We Spin,, Positive Impact Magazine, Bone Sigh Arts, and The Herald Square Hotel!

Talk to you soon - gotta go work on tour stuff!

- Josh 

Monday, April 7, 2014

JURT 2014 is a GO!

Hey rockers!

  I hope you're ready to hit the rails again, because the 2014 Josh Urban Rail Tour is gearing up, and man oh man, it's going to be epic!  Here's the official press release that just came out about an hour ago:

For Release 6/25/14 or later
Musician Josh Urban set to ignite Planetary Jam Session, take World on Tour.

Washington, DC: Us people will talk. Now, for the first time, we can – to anyone, anywhere. We are the pioneers in an era of ultra-connectedness. Friendships are formed halfway around the planet, and translation software breaks down language barriers. Yet much division and strife remains. Enter musician Josh Urban with an idea: Instead of arguing – let's jam! “When you look at it one way, we're really all in the same 'band'” states Urban, making the point that most people are after similar goals of happiness and a fulfilling life. Kicking off an international project on the 4th of July, Urban aims to highlight the unity of humanity instead of the division so commonly seen. His goal: a worldwide “jam session” and tour for everyone, musician and non. His strategy: a collaborative music video.

The Rail Tour
Building the video in several phases, Urban will be touring east coast cities by train, much like a blues musician of olden days, playing street corners and subways, filming the journey, hosting impromptu jam sessions on the street, and taking the world on tour with him through collaborative social media. He'll be playing his new song We're in the band , available for download from iTunes and People in each city are invited and encouraged to come to the jams and appear in the video. He'll be using a home-built guitar converted from a broom – tying into a special theme of the music video.

It's sweeping the world!
People the world over, musician and non, are invited to video themselves playing “broom guitar” (air guitar with a broom) to Urban's new song We're in the band. They would then post it to social media using the hashtag #JURT (Josh Urban Rail Tour) to jump on the global stage, tagging it back to the tour and including it in the official video. Don't want to shoot a video? No problem! Post a photo of yourself or a friend playing broom guitar back to the tour to show that you're in the band. No matter where you are, you're on tour – invite your friends! The worldwide jam is sweeping the planet!

As a counterpart to the unifying theme of brooms, Josh suggests that participants include something in the video to illustrate who they are, such as auto enthusiasts appearing in front of their car, animal people with their pets, etc Additionally, musicians are invited to send in music parts for the We're in the Band, adding to the existing song. Urban will be collecting sound samples of his rail journey, and mixing that with guest artists' contributions for the soundtrack to the final video. “Music has shown me such respect for people I formerly considered enemies. I'd like to scale that up to the international. If we start seeing each other as “band-mates”, maybe we can realize that like good musicians, we can listen and learn from each other. Instead of arguing – let's jam!”

Kicking off on the 4th of July, a symbolic day of unity and freedom, and running through the 14th, the tour will make stops in Washington, DC, Alexandria, VA, Waldorf, MD, Charlottesville, VA, Charlotte, NC, Richmond, VA, Philadelphia, PA, and New York, NY, as well as online concerts and venues TBA.

Everyone is invited to participate, either at the in-person jam sessions, or by posting a video or photo of themselves dancing to the new song, playing that broom guitar, of course! Use the hashtag #JURT (for Josh Urban Rail Tour) to show the world that you're in the band!

Contact: 240-682-2801, @DontJoshMe