Friday, February 22, 2013

The 2013 #JURT


  As I walk along the road near my house, I can hear the train rolling on the opposite shore of the river through the winter woods.  The distant horn of the diesels seem to be calling to me. And like the winter, the world seems to be especially dark right now.

  I'm pleased to announce that I'll be hitting the rails again soon, and inviting YOU to tour with me, just like last time!  This time, there's an even cooler theme.

The Search for Good - Finding Those who Rock The World!  

There's a lot of mean people out there.  There's murderers and robbers and liars out there.  And they usually get the stories written about them.  However, since the world is still in one piece, since there's still kind, loving, brilliant people surfacing - it seems to me that there are some people who must be pretty cool out there.  There must be a lot of Good in the world.

So, I'm going to find it.  I hope you'll join me.  I forget who said it, but the quote "What you think about, you bring about" sure seems cool.  So, let's combine our little lights in the world into a huge bonfire of Good.

I'll be taking the train up and down the east coast of the USA, and I invite you to join in using social media.  When it's time to tour, go out and find those things, sights, sounds, and people who rock the world.  Tag the photos, stories, songs, and videos back to the tour using the hashtag #JURT (and we'll probably have a new one, too.)  Actually, I encourage you to start today - the world needs it.  (Just hold off the hashtag stuff, it'll get confusing.)  I'll be playing in lots of places, with an emphasis on those that don't get a lot of music:  Street corners, children's hospitals, VA hospitals and rehab places, and the like.  Hey, might as well bring some of the magic of rock 'n roll to everyone, right?

I'm still in the planning stages, but the tour dates will be from May 24th to June 2nd, 2013.  I'll be playing in:

Raleigh, NC
Richmond, VA
Charlottesville, VA
Alexandria, VA
Washington, DC
Philadelphia, PA
New York, NY
And Worldwide through a bunch of online concerts!

I'll post definite dates, times, and venues soon.  For now, get ready to go on tour, comrades.  It's gonna ROCK!  It's time - let's change the narrative and give 'em something GOOD to talk about.

I can't wait!

- Josh