Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to Tour


  OK, you READY for phase II of the #JURT - Josh Urban Rail Tour???  Man, I'm excited.  I've been getting a few questions of how to get involved.  It's kind of a new, unusual idea, so here's some suggestions:

Remember, the point is to showcase you.  Some people have a great eye for photography.  Others have a story they might like to share - perhaps it's one of overcoming personal demons, or maybe it's one of dreams.  A lot of you play music or do some sort of art.  My idea is that everyone can go on tour.  I've been hearing some incredible stories, from the window-washer on the bus in Charlotte, to the 92 year old Italian lady in the nursing home today who said her marriage "had it's good days and bad days, but at least she got her son out of it."   

So, from now until Monday, feel free to use my stage for the tour.  Here's some specific examples:

Photos/Artwork:  Post pictures of life as you see it to Instagram with the hashtag #JURT, on my Facebook page at , on Twitter with the hashtag #JURT, and ditto for Google +.  Anything works, but a few fun things are:  Where you are in the world, your artwork, your pet, the sky, and anything that you think is artistic.  You don't need Instagram, either.  To see the Instagram fun if you don't have a smartphone, check out:

Stories/poems:  Everyone's got one, and too many people have sad ones.  But you know what?  If you have a sad story, and you're here walking around, you're a tremendous inspiration.  Almost didn't make it?  The fact that you're alive to say so would be called a great victory in sports, and I call it a great victory in life.  Your story of survival is not only one to be proud of, but one to inspire others.  What if it's just a quaint little story about how your grandma likes to bake cookies, or, like the 92 year old lady I saw today, with her favorite part of growing up in an Italian family of 14 outside of Cleveland, with dinnertime being the highlight of her youth?  That's great stuff, man.  Blog about it, and post the link back on my Facebook, tag it on Twitter or Google + with the hashtag #JURT, and share with the world!  You can also just write it on those places, too!  Put it on tour - you never know who you'll touch.

for my music buddies - got a song?  Is it recorded?  Post the link on Facebook, Twitter, or Google +.  For Facebook, make sure it's on my page for distribution.  The others the hashtag will work.  What if it's not recorded?  Put it on Soundcloud (it's free!), and then post that link, baby!  

Skills:  Got some mad skillz, dawg?  Have a video?  You know the deal - post that link!  

See you OUT THERE, comrades!  

#JURT  !  #JURT   !


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